As part of our commitment to provide brilliant customer service, we make every effort to return articles left at the hotel. The most reliable way to report lost items is to complete the form below, we will follow up with you within 24 hours by phone or email. Please provide a detailed description, room number, date of checkout and brand, color, size and distinguishing features, of the lost item.

Once the item is located, kindly fill out the Credit Card Authorization form and Fax it to our Lost and Found Department at 415-442-6167 in order to provide payment for the shipment of your item. Please note that for security reasons, the Credit Card Authorization form may not be emailed to us.

Click here to download the Credit Card Authorization Form

If you are requesting for the hotel to ship credit cards, wallets, cash or personal identification or confidential documents, please note that the Release of Liability form must also be signed and faxed to 415-442-6167. 

Click here to download the Lost and Found Release of Liability Form

Thank you for choosing to stay with us and for your loyalty to the Marriott Brand. Should you wish to talk to our lost and found department right away, please dial 415-906-0185 or email us at

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